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Download Fruit Ninja for iPhone 2.2.0


       Download Fruit Ninja for iPhone 2.2.0. Fruit Ninja for iPhone is a fruit sliding game supported on iOS operating system of iPhone. The game offers a variety of fruits on a nice graphical interface, many game modes are added along with lively background music effects to help users have relaxing moments effectively.

Download Fruit Ninja cho iPhone 2.2.0

Fruit Ninja for iPhone is designed with the right interface for the phone screen and has a very simple gameplay. You just need to cut off all the fruits as soon as they appear, the speed increase if you cut a lot of fruits. The game has been favored by many iPhone users for their leisure time.
 Fruit Ninja for iPhone displays screen time calculators and point calculators located at the corner of the screen for players to track. The game also has many game modes suitable for the purpose of playing each user object. Games are also added to many versions that fit different types of Smartphones and tablets.
Fruit Ninja for iPhone offers a variety of colorful fruits that look great to your enjoyment right from the start. High scores will be saved so that you have a goal for the next game. Download it and experience it now.

Game Features Fruit Ninja for iPhone:

- Fruit Sliding Game on iOS
- Offers a variety of play modes
- Save the highest score in previous games
- Rise mode, minus points for guillotine attacks
- Tool to calculate points and calculate play time
- Beautiful graphical interface

Download Fruit Ninja cho iPhone 2.2.0

Download Fruit Ninja cho iPhone 2.2.0

Fruit Ninja for iPhone gives you a fun, fun way to cut fruit with touch controls on the iPhone. The game has received hundreds of millions of downloads and plays from many users because of the simple way of playing but not easy to conquer high scores. So even though many games are born, but Fruit Ninja is still a lot of people love.
Fruit Ninja for iPhone has a simple way to play, you only need to use finger touch control to cut and cut wild fruit color. The more you gain more points as well as the more motivated to conquer the new heights, while also helping you get rid of stress.
The Fruit Ninja for iPhone is the latest addition, adding a serrated blade that enhances fruit slicing efficiency, a challenge given by Jamie, painted on walls in various colors. The game also offers a variety of player modes for players to choose from.

Download Fruit Ninja cho iPhone 2.2.0

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Download Fruit Ninja cho iPhone 2.2.0

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