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ClamXav for Mac - Free download and software reviews


     Clamxav to MAC is anti-virus software to scan for malicious software more reliable MAC, can automatically scan and update the database of the MAC, you will always come from Internet Security threats.

Although it is a famous operating system is safe, but recently a lot of malicious software, the virus was found in MAC OS, so you should install more software, such as security, clamxav to MAC to ensure the security of the data. Clamxav to MAC using the popular anti-virus tool, ClamAV, is designed to detect and isolate all kinds of threats (Mac and Windows) like a virus, Troy Trojans, spyware deception.

The main function of antivirus software, clamxav to MAC:

The user interface is intuitive, easy to understand
Not every day to update the virus definitions
Do not scan on the computer position requirements
Do not know the list of files infected with the virus
Do not rule out the entire file, disk, folder, you do not want to scan
Don't isolate or delete a file, press the mouse
Don't protect the real time             
Do not plan to scan for viruses
Clamxav MAC and the supervision
Easy to use user interface and display all the options available in a simple style. Here you can visit the toolbar list, a list of sources of pollution control and status area.
Before scanning computer virus, you will be advised from the clamxav website to update the virus definitions. This procedure can be performed manually or automatically from the toolbar or the clamxav sentry specified time by updating the configuration.

The clamxav is one of the most important anti-virus software, it provides quick access to some of the most important function. It also shows what visual information in the program to do.
From the preferences window, you can change the behavior of the clamxav to MAC change warning sound isolation folder settings, specify a file is ignored when the scan plan update the virus definitions or sentinel management.
In addition, also provides a clamxav to the MAC service menu to the instrument. You can take a shortcut key to scan the file or folder select part of the preferences system from the keyboard.

In short, clamxav to MAC is a virus scanning software, reliable and friendly, it will provide a powerful protective layer for data stored in the MAC, the risk to help you more comfortable in the Internet environment is full of potential. Download clamxav to MAC MAC to protect you.

Clamxav for Mac Review - Open Source Antivirus Software:

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