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Remote video surveillance, Video Monitoring, surveillance app


        Remote video surveillance, Video Monitoring, surveillance app
AtHome Video Streamer for Mac 3.5.5 - Applications remote security monitoring for Mac
AtHome Video Streamer for Mac - Application security remote monitoring for Mac
AtHome Video Streamer for Mac is a security application help turn Macs into surveillance camera gives users peace of mind when leaving the house or office.

        Security monitoring for homes as well as office work is very important, especially if you have sensitive data should be protected from snooping eyes or valuable belongings. Through surveillance applications AtHome Video Streamer, the user can monitor the office, at remote and record all activities happen there when you are not present.
Remote video surveillance, Video Monitoring, surveillance app

          Using simultaneously with AtHome Camera app, AtHome VideoStreamer allows users to view online on camera housing, his office regardless of where you are. FaceTime camera Mac computers will become surveillance cameras and devices installed AtHome Camera (support PC and Android devices, iOS) system will become a professional security monitoring. Besides installation DMG file, you can choose to download AtHome Video Streamer fromthe Mac App Store in more load paths.
AtHome Video Streamer enables scheduled recording a video and use sensors to detect action to identify and record the operation. Application forms can also send notifications via e-mail Push notifications and every time the video was shot because it started operating in the surveillance area. Each time the action started sensor identification, 1 30-second video will start recording and save it on your Mac. Another interesting feature that you can exploit when using combined two applications is control your Mac remotely like putting the computer to sleep mode or "wake" your Mac with just a touch from the device iOS and Android.
         AtHome Video Streamer is a software very compact and easy to use. You can select a folder to save the video, see the connection status, and camera setup email notification system. Whether running smooth and easy to use, but the app has one small problem is the green light on the side of Mac FaceTime camera light should always be very noticeable to those who were turned. But anyway AtHome Video Streamer software remains an effective security monitoring for Mac can help you keep track of small children, pets or security when away from home.
Remote video surveillance, Video Monitoring, surveillance app

Features of the application security monitoring AtHome Video Streamer for Mac

• Watch videos online for housing, office via 3G, 4G and WiFi whenever.
• View on Windows devices, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android.
• The system sends email notifications and Push Notifications.
• Automatically recording video 30 seconds when identifying action.
The steps used AtHome Video Streamer for Mac
• Download and install the app on your Mac.
• A Connection ID (called CID) will be assigned as soon as the app opens. The user-defined name username and password for this CID.
• Open the AtHome Camera app on supported devices, type CID along with the username and password you created above is connected successfully.

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