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Download free - Portable EditRocket


      Download the portable editrocket text editor source code. Portable editrocket is a tool for the text editor supports 20 programming languages, including C, C + +, CSS, HTML, Java, Perl, Ruby, PHP, SQL and visual interface and simple control program of the integrated spell check, adjust the text into HTML and special character support.

Portable editrocket version of the editrocket mobile phone software, allows users to skip the steps to install, only need to copy the files in USB drive program run on any computer, and not change or add new files in Windows and registry start menu.

In the field of one of the best famous text editor Notepad + +, multi language support, different working environment and effective, in addition to Notepad + + format to text, connect the printer to print the document.
Download free - Portable EditRocket

20 portable editrocket supported programming languages, including C + +, CSS, HTML, PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby, Java and XML.

All activities are supported by Undo portable editrocket / redo, editor of the cut, copy, paste, delete to the end of the line, head or front / rear section, search function, search and replace, add to the page.

In addition, the software also integrates editrocket portable spelling checker, text to HTML conversion characteristics, from the number of insert special characters and ASCII table.

To edit Unicode source code, please use the RJ to tell all of the functions that support Unicode, contrasting the syntax and code set, HTML editing support, in addition to support RJ told the spell check automatically from...

The main function of the software: portable editrocket

- mobile text editor
- support 20 languages
Support all basic editing operations
Department of integrated spellcheckers, text to HTML conversion characteristics, from the number.

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