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Softorino YouTube Converter – YouTube to Mp3, MP4 for Windows


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Softorino YouTube Converter – YouTube to Mp3, MP4 for Windows

         I introduce to you the software Softorino YouTube Converter 2 used to download video extremely easy from YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, SoundCloud and about 50 other pages anymore. Support convert into audio (retrieved, don't take the picture), to select the resolution (up to 4 k @ 60fps) & music formats, load subtitle, playlist, copy music and video wirelessly on iPhone/iPad/iPod and especially to create ringtones for Apple iOS. Incidentally I have 6 key license of this software (3 for Win and 3 for macOS) for you, you see how to get the key at the bottom of the post.

The software was developed by Softorino, is also made out of music and movie copy Waltr software wirelessly for iOS so or before. How to use the following:

• Download the SYC2 here (Win/macOS):
• Open the app up YouTube video download, type the name into the search box. Or are you copy path (the URL) of your website, SYC2 will automatically find and enter it into the app.
• The left pane will display the search results (when you search by keyword). You click on the video you want to download to it to open it up.
• Click Add to queue button to add it to the list of downloads.
• To the right frame, select how you want: videos, Audio, Ringtone.
• In each type of load, SYC2 will let you select the video resolution, the quality of the drawing, create a ringtone 30 seconds or to full articles.
• In the Save to box: select where to save the video to download, can save in your computer or automatically move into the iPhone/iPad/iPod via Wi-Fi, no need to plug in the cord.
• Finally, press the Convert button & Tranfer ... to app to start working.
      The working speed of the app very quickly, especially with YouTube. Advantages of SYC2 compared to the site to download YouTube videos online that is not time-consuming download, just click the Convert button is it will load almost instantly, after the download is complete, the video that is in your machine. Meanwhile the official website download online usually spend more time for it to download the server first, then download from the server on your computer, you have to wait longer. If you want to download a playlist on YouTube or SoundCloud just copy URL of the playlist, SYC2 also download the whole playlist at the same time.
Softorino YouTube Converter – YouTube to Mp3, MP4 for Windows

     Still want to download all the video's subtitles (subtitle automatically type of YouTube), you must open it in the app interface SYC2, and then turn the subtitle, then press the new Convert button. If only the copy URL and paste it into the app, it will not load the subtitles.

      In addition, SYC2 also inherited strengths of app that's always Waltr automatic copy video and music to your iOS without iTunes, plug in the cables or any other software. It will automatically switch on the machine with the speed as well as fast as the time you save to your computer. Make ringtones, too, when you choose Save in the Ringtone, then it will automatically appear in the menu of your ringtone, you do not need any further manipulation.

        In General, if you have the habit of copying music and videos from your computer to iPad/iPhone then the SYC2 software (or Waltr) will help you save a lot of time, simple and quick as the copy file between two directories with each other rather than fuss sync the like the iTunes software.

Step to step download ,install Softorino YouTube Converter – YouTube to Mp3, MP4 for Windows and register to take key:

Step 1: Download Claim your Softorino YouTube Converter license (December 2017 Giveaway)

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Step 2 : Go to website register to take key at here !
Claim your Softorino YouTube Converter license (December 2017 Giveaway)

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