Mittwoch, 3. Januar 2018

Defraggler 2.21.993 All Edition + Portable Free Download


         Download Portable Defraggler - Defragment the hard drive . Portable Defraggler is a great utility to defragment the hard drive, the system is compatible with NTFS and FAT 32. This program has the speed to work faster, improved and enhanced substantial performance of your system. This is also a mobile software so you can activate from USB. 

          Portable Defraggler defragmentation performed for the entire file, directory, or individual files, select one or more partitions for processing. It also allows users to use the search function of file size or type specific. Alternatively, you can use the program to reorder the folders in the most appropriate location on the drive, facilitate the search and access.
Defraggler Portable display interactive map drives visually show how the space on your hard drive filled or empty, distinguished by different colors. Here the user can see the hard drive capacity has fragmented the same characteristics as its detail, help you with the appropriate method to handle them. 

        Portable Defraggler defragmentation speed fast, secure and absolutely does not affect your system. Users can also schedule defragmentation for all hard drive defrag multiple drives on the same computer using different schedules. 

The main feature of Portable Defraggler: 

- Defragment drives for computers 
- Optional number of drives, folders to perform defragmentation
- View detailed information drive before and after treatment 
- Defrag is fast, secure and does not affect computer performance 
- Schedule defragmentation 
- Enable USB

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