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Compare Coc Coc Viet Nam and Chrome browser


Download Coc Coc browser, surf the web in Vietnamese style and Compare Coc Coc and Chrome.


Coc Coc has become one of the largest search engines and Web Browsers in Vietnam. Also, when compared to domestic online advertising networks, Coc Coc is the largest advertising platform with more than 22 million users.
Coc Coc - A fast and convenient web-based tool with lots of cool features built into it like fast and secure Facebook access, high speed downloads, smart online shopping features. Add markers when writing in Vietnamese, spell checker, English-Vietnamese dictionary and many other interesting features.
Compare Coc Coc Viet Nam and Chrome browser

The Coc Coc search engine is the best way to find nearby businesses as well as the online shopping experience.
Coc Coc Map - owns a huge database of data, frequently updated locations, including the hardest-to-find places.
Coc Coc - Real-time auction advertising system (RTB), easy to use, high efficiency, designed specifically for Vietnamese businesses.

Compare Coc Coc and Chrome.

Compare Coc Coc Viet Nam and Chrome browser

Advantages of Chrome browser:

• Speed ​​is always very fast.
• Warehouse service, extension.
• Time to issue new updates very quickly.
• Google has released a browser for 64-bit operating systems.
• Can be installed on PC and mobile device easily.
• Users can sync tags, favorite page lists between different platforms.
In particular, Chrome has WebRTC, which supports video and audio streaming over the web.
• Equipped with the "Do Not Track" feature to prevent others from following you on the web.
• Closes slow or suspended web pages without restarting the browser.
• The sandbox mechanism helps prevent malicious code from spreading through the web.
• The ability to translate web pages from languages ​​that Google Translate recognizes in the language the user uses.
• Less trouble.
• Does not occupy much space.
• Simple search.
• More control over tabs.

Advantages of Coc Coc Viet Nam:

• Can log into Facebook at any time without ever being blocked.
• 8x faster download speed without support tools.
• Download videos, audio from Youtube or other multimedia pages.
• Support English-Vietnamese dictionary.
• Automatically add bookmarks and spell check.
• Domain name resolution is improved and enhanced.
• Restore download progress.
• Ability to understand Vietnamese.
• Searching information in Vietnamese, or optimized locations.
• Homework Assignment Services.

The downside of the Chrome browser:

• Poor IDM compatibility, IDM CC must be installed.
• Or crash, when dealing with flash pages, ads or hangs.
• Degree of occupying ram: Large.
• Vietnamese search is poorer than Coc Cok.

Cons of CocCoc:

• Spends more RAM than Chrome, low-power PCs (1RAM) can not be used.
• Errors occur frequently.
• Foreign search is worse than Chrome.
• Slow page load speed.
• With hard keywords, search is quite slow.

• The services, features too little (Gmail, Google Drive ...).

Download Coc Coc Viet Nam lastest: 
LINK 1                 LINK2

Download Chrome lastest: 
LINK 1                 LINK2
Compare Coc Coc Viet Nam and Chrome browser

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